Brittney and Kati are the godmothers of nurse blogging and they know what they are talking about when it comes to nursing, blogging, and audience building.  Any nurse looking to grow their blog, audience, and authority will do themselves a favor by reading and applying the steps outlined in this book. Entertaining and highly actionable, the book is perfect for the beginner and experienced nurse blogger alike. Must read, two thumbs up, 5 stars . . . read it now!

Jon Haws


What Kati Kleber has done for nurses with her masterful book Becoming Nursey she now does for patients – and people who might become patients – with Admit One. I have worked in and for hospitals for more than 40 years and this is the best overview I have seen informing a patient of what he or she can expect upon being admitted to a hospital. This is also a great resource for people who work in a hospital to learn more about how the rest of the organization works.

Joe Tye

CEO, Vales Coach Inc.

Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse and Kati Kleber, Fresh RN, are considered two of the top resources and thought leaders in social media with deep expertise in blogging. The Nurses Guide to Blogging is a value-packed book where Brittney and Kati generously share insider secrets, and the actual tactics on a developing a true business and brand. Get out your highlighter; this book is a keeper!

Michelle Podlesni, RN

President, National Nurses in Business Association and author of Unconventional Nurse® Going from Burnout to Bliss!

I've learned a lot from both of Brittney's Facebook groups for nurse bloggers. If not for her groups I probably would still be sitting on my dream of becoming a blogger. Any questions that I've had, she has not hesitated to answer. I often find myself referring back to "The Nerdy Nurse" as I continue to learn more about this journey of blogging. She is very open and generous with her knowledge and I'm so appreciative to have been able to network with her.

Revlon Owensby

Owner, Your Nurse Connection

(On Kati Kleber's book, What's Next)

Open the pages and meet nursing colleagues Nurse Awesome and Nurse Blah. Read ICU nurse Kati Kleber’s entertaining and relatable examples of nurse life, as she demonstrates how to be credible, authentic, and professional. The refreshing and forthcoming Kati unflinchingly addresses sensitive issues and challenges …whether it’s remaining positive in a negative nursing unit, avoiding favoritism as a Charge Nurse, or taking a position on BSN versus ADN entry level nursing degrees. This is a must-have resource for the aspiring Preceptor, Charge Nurse, Mentor, Nurse Practitioner or clinical practice nurse returning to school. Kati gives you the information you need  and challenges you to create your own success and realize your career dreams. As a board certified Nursing Professional Development Practitioner, I highly endorse this book for the nurse who knows there is more ahead for them in their career and is asking “What’s the next step?” and “How do I get there?

Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN-BC, HACP

Nursing Professional Development Specialist, Author, Speaker, Career Columnist

My joy has been shining the light on other people and sharing their stories with the world in a meaningful way. Figuring out how to write for myself and sharing my story has been challenging. Brittney has helped shave YEARS off of my personal Blogging learning curve and encouraged me to simply START!

Amelia, RN

Owner, Solutions by Amelia

I have had the wonderful experience of learning to blog from Brittney Wilson. Through Brittney's facebook groups I have been motivated and educated on how to create a blog for my e-commerce site that specializes in Nurse Inspired Products. I have learned proper blogging etiquette, important resources for bloggers and many technical things such as back linking, how to add plugins to my website and much more. Brittney has always been generous with her knowledge and time. Because I was so new to the world of blogging , I struggled with understanding some of the content that was presented in one of her webinars about Long Tail Key words. Brittney was so kind to call me on her own time and patiently guide me through the process until I understood. Another time, while upgrading my website, I ran into several technical issues and again Brittney jumped in to help me. I have now been following Brittney for several years and every time that I log onto either her website or one of her Nurse Blog Support sites I learn something new. If you are looking for a mentor to learn how to blog or just want to hone in on your skills - Brittney Wilson is the person that you want to learn from!

Sarah Brennan Mott

Owner, Nurse Born Products

In addition to working a full-time job and keeping up with family responsibilities, Brittney took on the development of the Nurse Blog Facebook page and other innovative ideas that gave many nurse bloggers their start. She shared strategies on how to measure our reach and tips for those who wanted to turn their Blogs into business opportunities. Brittney developed contests and projects that helped us to get our messages out via social media to audiences that could benefit from the work we shared.  When I had a question, I knew I could email her and she responded promptly. I have been in a number of groups and professional organizations over the years and always met professionals who helped me move forward professionally and personally. The Nurse Blog Groups under Brittney’s leadership have been by far the best!  She educated, empowered and encouraged most of today’s Nurse Bloggers to explore areas that were new and innovative. All I can say is thanks, Brittney!

Anne Llewellyn

Owner, Nurse Advocates

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