Any way we can help you or your organization improve your brand and influence, we are happy to assist. Please review the following options and fill out the contact fom at the bottom of the page. 


Get to the root of the problem with your blogging and social media strategies to take your brand and business to the next level. We can closely analyze your current platform and create a plan to expand your impact and reach.


Kati and Brittney are available to speak on a wide range of topics including social media, technology, nursing, leadership, and engagement. Both Kati and Brittney have extensive experience in both live and virtual events. 


Get your staff social media ready. Kati and Brittney can partner with you to ensure your staff know how to safely and affectively harness the awesome power of social media.

Social Media Ambassadorship and Thought Leadership Amplification Program

Engaged conference goers interact with each other on social media while the conference is happening.  Partnering with Health Media Academy (HMA) will help you to amplify this interaction and increase your online presence leading up to and during your event. Harnessing the power of social media will elevate your organization’s mission and goals.

Align with the premier experts in nursing social media and online engagement: Brittney Wilson and Kati Kleber.  Leverage their highly engaged audiences to expand the reach of your content and increase value for members and sponsors.

Prior to the conference, HMA will lead the scene and set the example for your potential attendees. Through a combination of blogs, emails, and social media posts, your event will be promoted to eager and engaged nurses.

Once the conference begins, HMA will boost your social media engagement through a combination of platforms. HMA will utilize the pre-approved conference hashtag to amplify thought leadership and core-values for the organization. This will drastically boost engagement at the conference and generate interest for those who could not attend as well as increase interest in your organization and future conferences.


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