Website and Blog Audit – Video


Website and blog audit providing a video review of UX and elements needed for a successful brand presence online. Highlights include: pages, niche, content, lead/funnel, and social media.


Creating an online presence is a lot of work. You can become an expert at a lot of different things, but sometimes you just need another set of eyes to take a look at things and tell you if you’re on track. We totally understand. So we wanted to lend you our expertise and help you ensure that you’re focusing on the right things.

Our website and blog audit will include a review of:

  • pages including recommendations of any missing pages
  • your overall theme and design
  • your niche and how clearly your niche is defined for your audience
  • social media channels including recommendations for where to focus your audience
  • 1 article or blog post for structure, images, and purpose
  • 1 funnel or lead page

And the best thing of all is that it’s all on video!

That’s right. We’re going to provide your website audit on camera and recorded for your eyes online. You don’t have to dig through pages for standard forms. You’ll get real user experience feed and targeted suggestions to improve your brand’s presence in the online world.

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