The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging


Two of the most influential nurse bloggers have put their heads together to create a one-stop resource for nurses looking to grow their own blog, audience, and brand.

Brittney Wilson, BSN RN ( and Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN (, who attract hundreds of thousands of readers to their blogs each month, demystify the art of science of nurse blogging. Learn from the experts as they share their personal journeys, mistakes, and best practices. This book takes a dive deep into the practical aspects of how to set up and maintain a blog, create a community, earn revenue, and strategic business considerations.

The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging: Building a Brand and a Profitable Brand as a Nurse Influencer is engineered for any nurse who is interested in blogging. It addresses many of the issues unique to the nursing profession including patient privacy, upholding the integrity of the profession, and understanding your unique value. If you’re a nurse and want to blog, this book is for you.



As a nurse, a blog can help you:

  • Become more confident and empowered
  • Develop a personal brand and reputation as a thought leader
  • Expand your career horizons and climb the clinical ladder
  • Be an advocate for the nursing profession and the patients you serve
  • Increase your earning potential through traditional and entrepreneurial means

Every nurse should blog. Whether for profit or professional growth and development, there are too many advantages to list.

Find Out What You Must Know Before Starting a Blog

This book will shave years off your learning curve in the world of nurse blogging. Kati and Brittney’s combined experience can help you avoid costly errors and skyrocket your pageviews and readership in a matter of months rather than years.

This book focuses on the practical and philosophical aspects of blogging. It first asks you to examine your purpose but then rolls full steam ahead into turning that purpose into a full-fledged profitable business. With 10 action-packed chapters, you’ll learn how to define and refine your message and niche, cultivate an engaged audience through social media and email marketing, and even which technology you should use to achieve the most success.

This book is written in a fun style and is filled with personal commentary and real-world examples and stories of recommended practices in action. It’s filled with knowledge that you’ll use for years to come. You won’t be able to read through this book once and put it down. This will be your manual for building your profitable nursing blog. You should probably buy an highlighter. You’ll need it.

If you want to make an impact on the nursing profession, and maybe even the world, a blog is a step to leaving a lasting professional legacy.

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