4 Ways to Stay Consistent with Your Blogging Schedule

Consistency is one of the keys to maintaining a successful blog. If you don’t post new content on a regular basis, there would be no need for anyone to keep coming back. But a blogging schedule can seem like an impossible task.  When you’re consistent, you build trust with your readers. They know that on the same days every week, they can visit your blog to see a new post about something they find interesting. Don’t let them down! Use a blogging schedule to help keep you on track and stick to it.

Here are four ways to stay consistent with your blogging schedule:

  1. Be realistic when determining how many posts to write each week. Saying you’ll write five posts for each day Monday through Friday sounds good but it may prove to be too difficult to do. It’s better to start out slow with only one or two posts a week and maintain quality than it is for you write more and sacrifice excellence.
  2. Jot down or use your phone to record topic ideas whenever they come to mind. Coming up with topics is one of the most difficult parts of writing posts. If you’re like most people, ideas start flowing when you’re taking care of other business, not when you’re sitting in front of your computer. Recording them so you don’t forget when you do have waves of ideas will help ensure you have something to write about later.
  3. Get organized with your writing. Create a content plan that includes your blogging schedule, theme, topics, ideas and everything else pertaining to your blog to help keep things organized. You’ll find it much easier to stay on schedule.
  4. Write posts in advance. Any time you have extra time, write a few extra posts to publish later. This can really help you out of a jam if you’re having a bad week and just don’t have time to write everything you need. Always make these evergreen posts so you’re not repeating old news and add new posts to your stockpile every chance you get.

Posting new content consistently engages your audience, builds trust, improves SEO and drives traffic to your blog. These tips can help you stay consistent with your schedule so you can keep up with and make your deadlines.

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